Bistro Seoul makes Macau debut in The Venetian

Originated from South Korea, is now officially launched its first Macau branch in The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel, by FUTURE BRIGHT GROUP, the largest food and beverage enterprise in Macao.

To celebrate the launch, a grand opening cocktail party was hosted by the group this evening taking place in the Bistro Seoul. Officiating guests included: Dr. Wilfred Wong, President of Sands China Limited, CEO of Sun At Food Mr. Kim Yongkyoon, Managing Director of Future Bright Group Mr. Andrew Chan, Group General Manager of Future Bright Group Mr. Lewis Yeung. Witnessed by the attending guests and media, they together officially unveiled the opening ceremony.

Bistro Seoul is a Korean bistro serving traditional Korean cuisine with a modern twist and comprehensive Korean wines. The interior design is stylish yet cozy with a harmonious combination of trendy and classic Korean elements. The kitchen team is headed by Korean chef who intensively applies Korean meat, vegetables and seasonings to the dishes, giving diners an ultimate dining experience of Korea.

The event featured special dinner menu, including Seoul Platter of 9 Delicacies, Assorted Savory Pancakes, Korean Beef Grilled Sirloin, Pork Rib & Kimchi Hot Pot, Japchae and Korean Rice Mango Pudding.

In harmony with sophisticated Seoulites’ taste and lifestyle, Bistro Seoul offers modern Korean fare with authentic food & beverages in an elegant yet cozy space.

It is a royal cuisine from the Joseon Dynasty. This beautiful dish has 8 different ingredients (Cucumber, Carrot, Zucchini, Mushroom, Beef, Abalone, Deodeok and Egg) prepared separately and enjoy wrapping each ingredient inside 3 kinds of wheat cakes, and complemented by refreshing sauce made with mustard, milk, apple, pear and cheese. It looks beautiful and nutritionally well-balanced food. This signature dish has been reinterpreted in a way unique to Bistro Seoul.

Assorted Savory Pancakes

This is also one of the Korean royal cuisines. Assorted savory pancakes have 3 different pancakes on a single plate: Crab meat pancake, Cod fish pancake and Kimchi seafood pancake.Baked crab meat and eggs. You can taste the texture of soft eggs and the rich taste of crab meat together. Kimchi Seafood Pancake maximizes the taste and texture of kimchi, Korea’s leading fermented food while reducing the spicy taste of kimchi. The whole shrimp enhances the flavor. Select the most delicious size of cod fish and marinate with minimal seasoning for savoring the original taste of cod fish.

One of the signature “beef” dishes of Bistro Seoul, Hanwoo is now being recognized as one of best premium quality beef in the global market. This is a valuable ingredient that many gourmets and chefs are looking for. The sirloin is the best grade of 2+ and is aged for three days, and marinated with the plum fermented sauce and the Korean traditional pickled Sancho, these add complex flavor to the sirloin.

Kimchi is the most well-known Korean food and represents Korean culture of eatery. The great taste of fermented Kimchi gets even better when boiled with pork back ribs and Korean seasoning. Undoubtedly, best match with steamed rice.

Japchae is a traditional food that doesn’t miss a Korean party. Bistro Seoul presents three different versions of Japchae; with seafood, beef and vegetables so customers can enjoy different tastes and ingredients. Japchae has great flavor, nutritional balance, and is excellent visual.

Tarakjuk (Rice & Milk porridge), boiled by grinding rice and mixing with milk, was only enjoyed by the king of Korea.Bistro Seoul has modernized Tarakjuk and developed it into pudding which adds freshness with mango.

Bistro Seoul now features a special sampling offer for Korean wine lovers. In just $90 you will be able to taste three of the bistro signature Korean wines, including: Baekwamiin, Bu Ja, Hwangjinyi and Hwayo.

From now until 2020/3/31, BOC cardholders are entitled to enjoy exclusive 25% off on food menu (Terms and conditions apply).



Location: Shop 729, Market Street, Shoppes at Venetian Macau

Tel:(853) 2882 8080

Opening Hour: 11:30am-11:30pm


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