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Watch & Clock Fair

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As one of the world’s largest watch fairs, the Hong Kong Watch Fair hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council is expected to attract more than 840 exhibitors from 23 countries and regions, including newly exhibiting Qatar exhibitors. The “Eternal Years” special exhibition area of the Watch Fair will bring together about 160 exhibitors to showcase a wide range of advanced watches. Other exhibition areas include “Formation”, “Clock”, “Machinery and Equipment”, “Smart Watch (Original Manufacturing)”, “Packaging Supplies”, “Accessories and Parts” and “Business Services” to facilitate buyers’ purchase.
  The “International Watches and Gatherings” held in the same period collected the outstanding watch brands and designer series, divided into five theme areas, gathering about 140 well-known brands. World Brand Piazza is a highlight, featuring limited editions and rare watches from 13 international brands.

Time: September 3-7
  Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre


Hans Zimmer is an absolutely quality film soundtrack, winning the Academy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, three Grammy Awards, the National Music Award and the Tony Award. His musical style has evolved into a classic, combining electronic music and symphony, or blending nationally diverse musical elements and Western classical music.
  Hans will play the concert with the Symphony Orchestra, bringing out the “Lion King”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Batman Dark Knight Trilogy”, “Sneak Forces (Pirates of Dreams)” and “Star Revelation” and many more. The first-of-a-kind movie movements lead Hong Kong fans to a memorable symphonic music journey.

Time: September 26
  Venue: Exhibition Hall, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Jewellery & Gem Fair

The Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair (September), hosted by UBM Asia, is the hallmark of the industry. Since 1983, the September Fair has promoted the development of the industry. During the exhibition, the buyers flowed smoothly and the business atmosphere was strong.
  The September Fair will be held across two world-class pavilions, and the AsiaWorld-Expo section will be the first to open. Exhibitors are located in nine pavilions with a wide range of jewellery materials including diamonds, precious stones and pearls. The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre is the exclusive venue for all jewellery products, packaging, tools and equipment. The two exhibitions cover a total area of over 135,000 square meters.

Time: September 16-20; September 18-22
  Venue: AsiaWorld-Expo; Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre


Airport-type national logistics hub

According to the “National Logistics Hub Network Construction Implementation Plan (2019-2020)” jointly issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Transport, Baoan will build a national logistics hub for Baoan International Airport.
  The hub covers an area of about 22.8 square kilometers and mainly consists of four functional divisions: East Freight Area, South Freight Area, North Freight Area and Airport East Train Station. It will be built into an international aviation hub. Express distribution center. It is expected to be completed in 2030.

2019 Art Shenzhen

Art Shenzhen was founded in 2013 and transformed into a pure contemporary art fair in 2015. It is a key project of the “China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair” 1+N. Adhering to the original intention of “global vision, quality future”, the Expo brings together outstanding galleries, artists, collectors, non-profit organizations, art galleries, art derivatives institutions and media from home and abroad; backed by the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Bay Area to promote contemporary The development of the art market has comprehensively built a contemporary art trading platform based on Shenzhen’s connection with the world.

Time: September 12-15
  Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

OFweek 2019

“2019 Shenzhen International Bio/Life Health Industry Exhibition” will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on September 11-13, 2019, during which “OFweek 2019 China Smart Medical Industry Conference” will be held.
  Through keynote speeches, in-depth sharing, and interactive discussions, the conference focused on the latest developments in big data, smart hospital construction and IoT technology applications, smart health, medical artificial intelligence and other industries, sharing cutting-edge business models and technology applications, and exploring wisdom. Medical industry opportunities.

Time: September 11-12
  Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center


IE Expo Guangzhou 2019

As the global exhibition of the global series of environmental protection exhibitions in Munich, Germany, the “China International Expo” has been deeply involved in the Chinese environmental protection industry for 18 years. Since 2000, it has been held in Shanghai every year and has developed into an Asian environmental protection leading exhibition. At the beginning of 2015, China Environmental Expo will cooperate with Guangdong Environmental Protection Industry Association to set up a subsidiary exhibition in Guangzhou, “China International Expo Guangzhou Exhibition”, sharing global exhibitors and audience resources with IFAT Global Series Exhibition, and developing high-speed South China environmental protection. The industry provides a high-quality professional platform to find new technologies, new products, exchange development experiences and explore the best solutions.
  2019 The 5th China Environmental Expo Guangzhou Exhibition will focus on demonstrating innovative water and wastewater treatment, water supply and drainage, solid waste treatment, atmospheric treatment, site remediation and environmental monitoring with the core of “innovative service industry and comprehensive development”. Technology and equipment, held the “2019 South China Eco-Environmental Innovation Technology Conference” at the same time, set up dozens of professional forums and activities that are rich in industry hotspots, and grasp the industry trends together with the elites in the industry chain to explore innovative solutions.

Time: September 18-20
  Venue: China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall

FHW CHINA Food to China Expo

FHW CHINA was sponsored by the Milan Exhibition Company of Italy and the Guangdong Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade to host the Beijing Boya International Exhibition Co., Ltd., which has been successfully held for several years.
  After years of successful development, FHW CHINA2019 will set up a special wine industry exhibition area. In addition to wineries and wine merchants from Italy, Spain, France, Chile and other countries, more than 100 domestic wine distributors and agents will be invited, according to exhibitors. Features one-to-one customized service and business docking. At the same time, the exhibition will also hold wine tasting exchanges, educational lectures, designated group purchases and other activities to jointly discuss the development trend of the industry and disseminate the wine culture.
  The organizers will follow the market trend of the rise of e-commerce, hold dozens of e-commerce platform food investment conferences during the exhibition, and provide various solutions for food suppliers to expand online sales.

Time: September 26-28
  Venue: China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall

Dance Festival

With the theme of “My Dance·My City”, the Guangzhou Grand Theatre launched a new “Dance Performance Season” from September to October. It will last for two months and will bring together 28 famous masterpieces from Chinese and foreign artists, such as St. Petersburg, Russia. Fuman Ballet “Anna Karenina” “Kalamazov Brothers”, Chinese Opera and Dance Theatre large-scale national dance drama “Confucius”, including classical dance, ballet, modern dance, screenings and other forms, with related dance lectures, The dance workshops and famous artists exchange activities, colorful and hearty, with the power and beauty of the dance to move the city, bringing the feast of dance.

Time: September-October
  Venue: Guangzhou Grand Theatre


Zhuhai Championships

Zhuhai Tennis Championships, one of Zhuhai’s annual tennis events, will be held this month. The organizer Huafa Group announced that it is the eighth in the world, the Greek player Stefanos Tsitsipas, the Australian star Nick Kyrgios and the Spanish player Roberto Batista Agu. Players such as Roberto Bautista Agut, who have recently attracted a lot of men’s tennis, will compete in the first Zhuhai Championship.

Time: September 23-29
  Venue: Hengqin International Tennis Center

Celebratory Concert

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of China. A red classic song concert will enter Zhuhai and wish the motherland prosperity. The famous singers include Di Li Baier, Liang Ning, Du Jigang, Wang Chuan Yue, etc. The performances include “My Motherland”, “The Song of the Matador”, “The Pastoral”, “No Sleep Tonight”, “I Love You”. China’s familiar songs, in the wonderful music of the intertwined, majestic and reverberating sounds, offer the most sincere blessings to the motherland!

Time: September 8
  Venue: Zhuhai Huafa Performs Grand Theatre Hengqin Opera Hall

Cologne New Philharmonic

With their exciting performance style, the New Cologne Philharmonic Orchestra has attracted countless audiences for 40 years. The orchestra has performed many tours overseas and has been well received. The orchestra collaborated with the British violinist Nigel Kennedy from 1997 to 1999 and was recognized by the classical music community as an outstanding orchestra. While gradually establishing its own unique interpretation style, the new Cologne Philharmonic Orchestra has successfully attracted many viewers who have not been interested in classical music because of its lively and steady performance.

Time: September 8
  Venue: Zhuhai Grand Theatre


Holographic projection puppet show

“Brand South China Sea · Cultural Sharing” – 2019 Nanhai District elegant art into the theater tour, will bring the holographic projection puppet show “嫦娥奔月”, its biggest highlight is the use of holographic projection technology to make the stage before and after the two veil and stage space formation Layers, animated images and puppet shows complement each other to create a 3D effect. The combination of shadow play, live performance and stick puppets enriches the viewing level of the puppet show, but it is not perfect, and it perfectly matches the puppet show. The addition of elements such as dance and jazz makes the whole drama full of energy and fashion, and the new mythical story that has been heard since childhood.

Time: September 28th
  Venue: Nanhai Theater, Foshan City


The Chinese Dance Drama Confucius

The dance drama “Confucius”, praised by the New York Times as “Chinese Cultural Card”, was created in 2013 and was polished by the Chinese Opera and Dance Theatre for four years. It was directed by Confucius, the 77th generation descendant of Confucius.
  The drama blends Confucius’s feelings and thoughts into the magnificent historical background of the Spring and Autumn Period. Through the exquisite dances such as “Jade Dance”, “Youlan Exercise” and “Picking Dance”, Confucius participates in politics and travels around the country. The troubles of the grain, the string songs, the late years of returning to Lu, the revision of the “Book of Songs”, the writing of “Spring and Autumn” and other clues, show their legendary stories of traveling around the country, explore the rich connotation of their inner “benevolence, courtesy” thoughts, for today’s people Dedicated to a visual feast of Chinese classical aesthetics.

Time: September 7
  Venue: Grand Theatre, Zhongshan Culture and Art Center

Excellent Chinese Singer Concert

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, “China Nightingale” world famous flower soprano singer Di Lie Baier, “Oriental Rose Knight” world famous flower lyrical female midrange singer Liang Ning, China’s most powerful tenor One of the singers, Wang Chuanyue, Du Jigang, Zhang Xiqiu, and one of China’s top ten male and middle woofers, He Leiming will join hands to bring a “Singing Classics – Excellent Chinese Singers Concert” to sing a classic song. .

Time: September 11
  Venue: Grand Theatre, Zhongshan Culture and Art Center


Wang Wenhao Guzheng Solo Concert

Guzheng is widely loved by everyone because of its beautiful tone, wide range, rich playing skills and strong artistic expression.
  Wang Wenhao, a graduate of the Guzheng Performance Department of the China Conservatory of Music, has performed many times with the China Philharmonic Orchestra and other symphony orchestras. He was invited to record on CCTV, Hong Kong Jade and other programs, and published a personal guzheng album “Wen Feng Shi Zhi” “Zen Zong San Jing”, “Xia”, dedicated a number of outstanding music works.

Time: September 20th
  Venue: Huizhou Culture and Art Center

American Eastman School of Music – YING Quartet Concert

The American YING Quartet is one of the famous and perfect ensembles of the world’s classical chamber music arena, often invited to perform concerts in the United States and around the world.
  The visit is the YING piano quartet, and the four performers are full-time professors at the Eastman School of Music in New York, one of the most prestigious music schools in the world. At the same time, three of them have long been invited to work as Harvard University resident artists. Two of the artists are currently artistic directors of the famous Beaten International Music Festival in the United States.

Time: September 18
  Venue: Huizhou Culture and Art Center


Ethnic Orchestral Suite

Shandandan is a symbol of northern Shaanxi. The Shaanxi Radio and Television National Orchestra has always devoted itself to the classic inheritance and multi-innovation of national music. It has successively commissioned many well-known domestic composers to create many outstanding national musical works with rich local characteristics.
  In 2018, composed by Wang Danhong, Yan Huichang’s large-scale original national orchestral suite “Forever Shandandan” won the National Art Foundation Communication and Promotion Project in 2019, and was evaluated by experts as “excellent works of the times.”

Time: September 20th
  Venue: Dongguan Yulan Grand Theatre

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