Artists’ Talk

Government officials exchanged ideas with local youth about development of Macau’s artistic heritage.

Art Macao, a large-scale international arts and cultural event, recently held a forum, “Artists’ Talk” at the Vista, MGM Cotai, exploring how to promote Chinese culture in contemporary forms on the international stage, in the process bringing Macau’s artistic heritage to the world. Present were Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Alexis Tam Chon Weng; President of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Mok Ian Ian; Deputy Director of the Macao Government Tourism Office, Cheng Wai Tong; and several other guest speakers.
Nearly 200 guests from different fields, as well as young local artists, shared a lively discussion. Key issues were: how to develop traditional culture in new artistic forms, and how to stimulate artists and youth to create works of art imbued with local values. Secretary Tam expressed his confidence that the city’s youth, as a creative group, can be encouraged with new ideas and present creative viewpoints, thereby helping to promote the global brand of Art Macao and contributing to the development of a bright future for culture and arts here.
The talk was hosted by the curator of MGM’s Hua Yuan art exhibition, Miriam Sun, executive director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai. The composer Huang Ruo, local young artist Eric Fok and young director Wong Su Fai, held a discussion on a special topic starting from MGM’s “Hua Yuan” exhibition, followed by a conversation between the three senior government officials and other youth representatives on the preparation and activities of Art Macao. Topics of the discussion included the quality of the ongoing exhibitions, future development plans as well as roles that young people should play in the development process.