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Original article published only in Chinese
Below is a machine-translated version

Recently, TheArsenale’s first Asian treasure exhibition “Luxury Space” entered the City of Dreams. In addition to enjoying unique treasures, visitors can also buy home-made exhibits to create another unique experience.

Following the opening of Paris, Miami and Dubai, TheArsenale exhibits in Macau’s City of Dreams, where more than 40 unique exhibits will stand out and bring surprises to collectors or super fans. Among the exhibits are the Formula 1 and E-Class electric formula cars that win at speed. The car is the most competitive power unit on the field, with top-notch mechanical technology; other exhibits include the unmanned automatic car Roborace, as well as aircraft manufacturing. Valkyrie private custom aircraft from Centauri.
Valkyrie is one of the world’s top high-end private jets. The interior of the aircraft is designed by Italian racing car and Maserati. It can achieve a speed of 461 kilometers per hour. The design also incorporates a global integrated canopy for pilots and Passengers enjoy an unparalleled wide view while flying.
The “luxury space” also exhibited the Rezvani Tank, a bulletproof armored vehicle. Also on the way is a super version of the off-road bike created with Dior and a hand-made surfboard with Ferrari and Bentley. The art area called TheArtpark features a chair designed by the rapper Pharrell Williams and named “Tank Car”. It is a trend-like masterpiece with a special shape like a tank track in pink.
Patrice Meignan, founder and CEO of TheArsenale, said: “The entire exhibition aims to give every visitor a full selection of carefully selected exhibits. The privately-designed aircraft and the driverless automatic racing car combined with the artificial intelligence experience are side by side. And the exhibition, all exhibits are the perfect crystallization of tradition and technology, it is a hot pursuit, it is worth having.”

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