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Follow the changes in spring, summer, autumn and winter to taste the beauty of nature.
Banquet cuisine is not the best choice for lunch on weekdays. It is exquisite and varied, and is more suitable for the feast of the night. The executive chef of the Okura Hotel Shanli Restaurant, Lin Chang, seems to understand this and create a unique and exquisite mini-conference cuisine in response to the solar terms. Mini-banquet dishes without sake, not extravagant, not gorgeous, only fresh and seasonal food is provided in a simple and elegant manner.

The appetizer is a flower, bamboo, shrimp and bean curd. The gel is made from five-day high soup and the mouth is rich. The broth of the broth of the broth of the broth is the most anticipated part of the banquet dish featuring “one juice and three dishes”: the season’s fragrant fish is plump, with a touch of aroma, accompanied by nutritious cilantro, fish soup More sweet.
After tasting the “one juice” in the “one juice and three dishes”, the taste bud has been fully awakened by the fish soup, and I can’t help but look forward to the “three dishes.” The “three dishes” of the banquet dishes usually include sashimi, fried or grilled vegetables, and boiled vegetables. In the season, the two kinds of sashimi are made of tuna and squid. The meat is sweet and the fat is rich. Grilled squid with plum sauce and soft-boiled octopus squash. From the selection of materials, we can see the concept of Japanese food “Ten Shi” – respecting the natural landscape, showing the four seasons alternate.
The “ten” of the eclipse is about seasonality, about the terroir, and about the perception of the change of the seasons. Meet the ingredients of the current season, with a period of mood, a rare side, the world cherish.

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