33rd Macau International Music Fest

Original article published only in Chinese
Below is a machine-translated version

The 33rd Macao International Music Festival, hosted by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, will be held in October. This year’s music festival will feature the theme of “potential”, with the momentum of the rainbow, the jumping of the musical notes, and the fans. Enjoy a wonderful music feast.

Tickets for the festival are on sale, and the highlights are rich and diverse: Mozart’s classic opera “Magic Flute” will kick off the festival, and the Berlin Opera House and the British 1927 Troupe will perform in a breakthrough way, with film animation and live. The perfect combination of singing, leading the audience into the magical dreams of whimsy. To commemorate the 80th anniversary of the premiere of “The Yellow River Chorus” by the representative of Macao’s son, Xing Xinghai, and the “Yellow River Chorus” jointly presented by the Macau Orchestra, the National Centre for the Orchestra and the Choir “With a magnificent, singular song, as a wonderful finale!

In addition, this festival has carefully curated a series of rich programs, including Sir Billy Childs Quartet, by Grammy-winning jazz musician Billy Childs and three outstanding jazz The hand presents a wonderful jazz night; the American Dorian Wood Tube Quintet, known for its exquisite and passionate performance, will bring many works spanning classical to contemporary music; the prestigious Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is known Australia, the popular Colombian Austrian conductor Andrei Orozco-Estrada, performed in a debut with Dvorak’s Symphony from New World, in parallel with the famous Chinese pianist Wang Yujia. Rachmaninoff’s “The Third Piano Concerto” is worth looking forward to.

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